Beginner Information

Flight Training
Let Blue Max help you learn to fly!

Basic Flying Field Procedures
This section contains some of the basic safety and courtesy procedures used at the Blue Max Flying Field.

Learning to Build Model Airplanes
An excellent outline by Master Builder Barry Schilling

Beginner's Corner
This section by Scott Christensen goes into your first lessons as a new R/C Student.

Beginner Tip's & Hint's
This section contains some of the hints & tips that will make your R/C experience much more enjoyable. These are some items that have been learned through years of experience.

Radio Installation Guide
Helps with getting your radio installed correctly.

Daily Aircraft Check
This section covers the daily safety checks that should be performed on you aircraft before each flying day.

Aircraft Maiden Flight Checklist (PDF Format)
All members who build a new airplane (kit or ARF) should be sure all items on this checklist are satisfactory before bringing the airplane to the field.

Blue Max Student Pilot Log (PDF Format)
Helps students keep track of their progress.