Fun Fly's

Fun-Fly's for club members are run during the months of April through October, see the events page for dates. Start time is 10:00 am and usually run about 1 hour. The Fun-Fly is set-up so that all skill levels can participate, even if you’re on a buddy box with an instructor. Every participant receives a prize for participating in the fun-fly.  A handicap system is used to give everyone a chance at the good position / prizes.

Noise is a major concern at the Deer Grove Flying Field so as an incentive to quiet down our planes, bonus percentages are added to your score. Planes over 98 dB are prohibited from flying in the Fun-Flys. Planes with a dB reading of 90-95dB receive a 5% bonus and planes below 90dB receive a 10% bonus. Decibel readings are taken at the beginning of each fun-fly and AMA cards maybe checked.